>> American troops introduced softball in the country and it was first called "indoor baseball"
>> Initially, it was a game for girls
>> In 1911, indoor baseball was formally introduced in local public schools to replace basketball as game for schoolgirls
>> It soon became the No. 1 sport among women in Bicol region and the Visayas
>> Philippines took the lead in introducing indoor baseball, forerunner of the present-day softball, to other Asian countries such as
     Japan & China
>> 1915
     o Philippines sent two girls teams in Far Eastern Games in Shanghai, China to demonstrate the game
     o Softball was made an official event in the national interscholastic(public schools) meet.
>> 1951 - At the end of the Pacific War, a regional series for women was launched
>> The Philippine Blu Boys placed second to Japan after a tensely fought final, 8-1, in the just-concluded 8th Asian Men's Softball