Manila Standard Today | Blu Girls will have new look

Lito Cinco | Oct. 29, 2014

DON’T look now but there might just be an entirely new look for the Blu Girls teams to be formed next year for the Asian Championships and the SEA Games.

This according to ASAPHIL President, sportsman-businessman Jean Henri Lhuillier. The ASAPHIL head said what he saw at the recent Asian Games in Incheon, Korea, where we finished 4th behind traditional Asian powerhouse softball teams Japan, Chinese-Taipei, and China, was a real eye-opener.

He was referring to the Fil-Am reinforcements for the Blu Girls who were discovered after a tryout in the Los Angeles area where seven second generation Filipinas made it to the team.

The athleticism, the attitude and the skills they brought in were impressive. Local players, when they face the likes of Japan and Chinese teams, are easily intimidated. The Fil-Ams “did not care who they were up against,” said Lhuillier.

And what excites Lhuillier is the fact that he has only seen Fil-Am softball players from Southern California.

“I am sure there are a lot of other players, who given a chance, will play for the Philippines. Actually, their parents are the driving force. These parents are eager for their kids to play for their native country as a way of giving back. That is why I am thinking of putting up a club team based there. It will be composed of Fil-Am players. This team can also serve as an international-based national training pool for women’s softball. It will be separate from the homegrown talent training team we will maintain here in the Philippines,” said Lhuillier.

Source: Manila Standard Today