PH Blu Boys remain unfazed in Prague

Date Published: June 18, 2019

The Philippines continued to struggle in the ongoing XVI World Baseball & Softball Confederation (WBSC) Men’s Softball World Championship 2019 in Prague, Czech Republic.

But Amateur Softball Association of the Philippines (ASAPHIL) president and softball patron Jean Henri Lhuillier is confident the lessons learned by the Blu Boys in this tournament will “provide the boys with the needed experience to become a world-class team three to five years from now.

“We have to be patient with our Blu Boys same with what we did with our Blu Girls. Look at the women’s team now. They are beating countries ranked in the top 10 in the world. We have the same vision for our Blu Boys,”Lhuillier said after the Blu Boys bowed to world’s No. 5 Argentina, 15-0, Sunday night.

Lhuillier added that ASAPHIL will continue its grassroots programs for both boys and girls like the intercollegiate and inter secondary meets, the summer Grand Slam tournaments, and other essential activities to reach the objectives he has set for the NSA.

Japan remains on top in Group A with a 3-0 card followed by Argentina, New Zealand and Cuba with identical 2-1 cards.

Botswana, Czech Republic and Mexico have 1-2 records, also in Group A.

Group B is being led by Canada and Venezuela at 3-0. Australia and USA are tied at 2-1. Denmark and the Netherlands have the same 1-2 records and South Africa and Singapore share the cellar at 0-3.

The Philippines, needing to win its remaining four games to advance, will next face Asian champion Japan at Svoboda Ballpark.